CABIN-RARITANTOILET250Never before have so many innovative features been combined into one revolutionary toilet and at such an affordable price.  From Raritan comes the most advanced toilet in its class, the state-of-the-art Marine Elegance.  Employing new Vortex-Vac Flush technology, the Marine Elegance creates a vacuum in the bowl for the quietest and most efficient flushing action of any comparable toilet on the market.

Performing at a noise level less than 63 decibels, the sophisticated toilet ensures a sound night sleep for guests aboard.  Incredibly compact, it has a small footprint of just 8-1/2" x 9-3/4", making installations in tight spaces simple.

A fully-programmable Raritan Smart Flush Control gives users four flush options for maximum flexibility. The Marine Elegance can be flushed normally or with a low water option.  An environmentally-friendly function helps conserve precious water onboard and extends the useful capacity of most holding tanks.