It’s hard to remember that we will get cool and breezy days in spring and fall after such hot days this summer – or that we need protection from all that heat. And most everywhere in Canada had hot days this year. Thankfully there is a line of products from OceanAir that are designed to minimize the discomfort that hot weather brings. Their lines of Pleated shades are designed for portlights, Cabinshades for larger windows, and Skysaver roller shades for hatches, all serve to minimize heat gain on board, but remain moveable so that cooling breezes can still be harnessed. OceanAir’s lines are made from highly reflective UV resistant plastics that are stain free and should give years of trouble-free use. Installation is DIY easy as all the necessary hardware is included with easy mounting instructions.

They come in a wide variety of sizes in silver, white and beige colours that will blend with almost any interior design. Retail costs vary according to the style and size but in total are very cost effective.