The new red/white LED chart-table lights from Hella makes night navigation less stressful. We learned just how important night vision is on a long transit earlier this summer, when we needed to do some careful night navigation through upper Desolation Sound. Navigation aids are few and far between so confidence about the course is paramount, and a constant reference to charts is needed. Cabin lighting is critical.

Ordinary white lights in any cabin will quickly ruin night vision, so a dim red light for navigation is ideal. The new unit from Hella is a very low draw 2W or 0.2 Amp at 12-volt, and stays cool to the touch. It is available in arm lengths of either 6” or 16” and with a multiple light choices, white, red or red/white combo. They come with an integral power cord ready to be connected to the vessel’s internal wiring system. Suggested retail price of $180. Check out all the Hella LED products at