marine_prod-books-klutz_knots-largeBy John Cassidy

When it comes to knot-tying, are you missing the boat? This is a step-by-step guide on how to tie the world's twenty-four most useful hitches, ties, wraps, and knots. Carefully selected from a total of over 4,000, these are the All-Stars, the knots you need in the daily battle with the self untying shoe lace, the dirt-level clothesline, the pop-up trunk lid and the rest of the modern everyday forces of chaos.

But the Klutz Book of Knots is more thank just a written guide. It's also a tool, meant to be used as well as read. Each of the board pages is specially die-cut so that the knots can be practiced directly next to their illustrations. It is, in short, a book you can really get wrapped up in.