marine_products-books-12_volt_bible-largeWhether you, or someone special to you is a novice or an expert in boating, a sailor or a power boater, virtually every boat has a 12-volt electrical system of some kind...even if it is just your running lights or the ignition on your dinghy engine.

Originally written by Miner Brotherton and recently revised by Ed Sherman, the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) assistant director of education, this is a layman's explanation of the mysteries behind your battery and your 12 volt electrical system.

We met with Ed Sherman at the International Boatbuilders Exposition (IBEX) this fall and asked him what he would like to say about The 12 Volt Bible for Boats.

"Well...I feel it's a great primer for someone who is totally new to 12-volt systems because our goal was to write this at a level that almost anyone would understand," Ed told us. "Reviewing the fundamental concepts behind this can be very helpful. I think that having a copy onboard your boat can help take the fear out. These are all widely accepted theories and well proven. I think the book helps people to have faith in the science."

From dinghies and small trailerable boats up to million dollar yachts, a 12-volt system is sure to be on board and this book can help you understand it better.

The most valuable information is the theory and science behind 12-volt systems, so the authors have put it right up front where it's most useful and easy to refer to. However, it can be a daunting start. High school science was a long time ago for many of us and long forgotten. Reading this book reminds me of how mysterious it all seems when you confront the back of your panel to check something as simple as a malfunctioning bilge pump.

But then...that's the best reason for having a copy of The 12 Volt Bible for Boats!