marine_products-books-story_of_sea_ray-largeTo some people, a classic boat has to be made out of wood but today's boater will understand and identify much more with the modern classics in the book, Commanding the Waterways: The Story of Sea Ray by noted author Jeffrey L. Rodengen.

How time flies! See Ray was originally founded in October 1959 by C.N. Ray and he displayed his first Sea Ray models at the 1960 Chicago National Boat Show. Since then, Sea Ray has become one of the world's largest boatbuilders and in recent times, has become a cornerstone in the billion-dollar Brunswick Corporation stable of companies.

Demonstrating a keen sense of style, C.N. Ray had the wisdom to hire Jim Earl, son of Harley Earl and their California design studio, Earl Associates to do the interiors of their early boats. Earl was an extremely influential automotive industry designer.

Style has always been a defining element for Sea Ray and their designs benefited mechanically from being among the first to utilize stern drive power plants as they expanded their boat line all the way from entry-level cottage runabouts to trendsetting yachts of 60 feet and larger.

Longtime Sea Ray designer, Jerry Michalak did a brilliant job of keeping the Sea Ray designs fresh year after year, yet 50 years later, you can always recognize a Sea Ray.

See Ray began at the beginning of the fiberglass boat revolution and substantially defined the trendsetting styles for the next half-century. Commanding the Waterways: The Story of Sea Ray is a rich read, illustrated with countless colour photographs and it will make a great Christmas gift for any modern boat fan, not just Sea Ray owners.

Commanding the Waterways: The Story of Sea Ray, By Jeffrey L. Rodengen, Write Stuff Enterprises Inc.