Feb 20, 2017

Roy and AllyAlly and Roy with Bobby in his backpack ready to scooter

The Way’s scooter their way ashore

Ally and Roy Way live on their sailboat in Vancouver. They had purchased a couple of electric bikes two years previously, however they took up a fair amount of deck space and, because of their size, interfered with the efficient operation of their sailboat.

Looking for amore compact form of electric transport to do extended shore runs on the many islands and coastal areas that grace British Columbia’s cruising grounds, they began to research alternatives to the e-bikes on the Internet and discovered electric scooters. “One scooter in particular, the I-Max S1+, caught our eye with its advertised 35+ km range and top speed of 35+ km/h. Google revealed that we actually had the Canadian distributor for the I-Max and the Inokim range of scooters, Urban Machina, situated within three miles of our marina,” Roy explains.

“We booked an appointment for a test drive and met owners Ambrose and Olivia at the premises of Urban Machina. They had the full range of Inokim scooters and the I-Max on display, along with a fair range of accessories. Within a few minutes, it was apparent they knew their products intimately and were quickly able to fill in any gaps in the knowledge we gained through our own research.”

“Neither of us had ridden an electric scooter before and we were pleasantly surprised by the smooth delivery of power, the silence of the motor and their compactness when folded. We have since covered over 100 km on our scooters, which can easily travel 35 km plus on a single charge. We find them to be an ideal solution to any shore based travel with minimum impact on our deck real estate and wallet.”

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