June 5, 2016

Webasto Air ConditionerNow the climate on board can be a lot more comfortable with two new air conditioning products from Webasto.

FCF Platinum Self-Contained Air Conditioning Series

The new FCF Platinum Self-Contained Air Conditioning Series (shown left, above) is the latest development in Webasto‘s line of marine comfort solutions. FCF Platinum features an improved design, offering a higher BTU/h rating across a variety of ambient scenarios, while still providing unmatched product reliability and a two-year warranty.

Designed with a long and slim footprint ideal for retrofitting, FCF Platinum units feature a marine-grade stainless steel frame for durability and longevity, a standard digital display, controller and cable. A well balanced, proprietary compressor is quieter than ever before.

Available in 12,000 and 16,000 BTU/h models, 115V and 230V.

KoolAir “Run Dry”Coolant Pump

A clogged sea strainer can quickly ruin an otherwise perfect day on board if you’re left with a melted coolant pump and no A/C. The fully submersible KoolAir pump (shown right, above) is the only coolant pump offering run dry protection. Designed specifically to withstand higher temperatures when liquid is not flowing, the KoolAir pump will run several hours before shutting itself down – without damage. After that, reintroduce water, allow the pump to cool down and KoolAir will again operate normally. Pumps 500 gallons per hour. 115 and 230 volt models available.