Mar 21, 2016

100th LagoonOn 25 February, the 100th Lagoon 620 left the shipyard with great ceremony. All those who contributed to the construction and success of this magnificent catamaran were present for this event. 
In fact, the sale of 100 boats in the over 60-foot segment is quite a rare event. But in the multihull world, it's a real success. The Lagoon teams therefore immortalised the moment with a “family” photo.
As a reminder, the 620 was launched in 2009 as the flagship of the range. In 2012, the firm Nauta Design reinvented the interiors of this large catamaran to offer more comfort, space and brightness.
In a little over 5 years, the 620's success has not diminished. This model is sailing around the world, on every ocean, and we are happy to celebrate it today.
In a few weeks, 620 No. 100 will go to sea on a cargo vessel, heading for Port Kelang in Malaysia, where its new owner awaits her. Like many other 620s, combining performance and comfort, this boat is intended for bluewater cruising with a splendid programme between Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.