Mar 8, 2016

Aqualuma LED 18 SeriesFeatured Aqualuma products include the Gen 4 18 Series Thru-Hull LEDs and the unique Luma-Vu Underwater Camera.

18 Series LEDs (shown left in the image above) are designed to illuminate the world’s largest superyachts, delivering a huge light output at an affordable price in Aqualuma’s patented one piece polymer housing, that can be serviced from inside the vessel. The 18 Series ultra light is encased in the Aqualuma 12 Series housing and gives Aqualuma 6 and 12 Series owners the ability to upgrade to the 18 Series from inside the boat - with no haul out.

The 18 Tri Series combines the brilliance of the blue and white with the body of the 12 and 18 Series and offers customers the choice of two colours (9 blue and 9 white LEDs) in a one piece, robust, corrosion-proof and injection-molded polymer housing. Choose to operate just one of Aqualuma’s famous light colours, or run them together to get a mix of the two, at an intensity that is equal to a single 18 Series ultra light.

Simply out of curiosity, or to make sure it’s safe to go swimming at anchor, or to watch as you reel in the big one, sometimes it would be nice to know what’s happening in the water below the surface.

With the Luma-Vu Underwater Camera (shown right in the image above) from leading LED manufacturer Aqualuma®, a flick of a switch will instantly give you a crystal clear view of what lies beneath – in living colour.

The high resolution, 12-volt colour CCTV camera connects to any on board video input and features a corrosion-proof, scratch resistant, injection-molded polymer housing.