Mar 8, 2016

Angled Power AdapterThe last thing boaters want while enjoying marina life is a glitch in shore power. Hubbell engineered its new weatherproof FD Boxes and Angled Adapters to deliver complete electrical reliability and ease of use. Combined, they create the only code-compliant 45 cu. in. solution for 50A, four-wire installations.

Fully UL Listed, the new surface mount FD Boxes accept receptacles from 15A to 30A Twist-Lock®, in duplex or single configurations. It measures 30 cu. in., and is made of high-impact thermoplastic material. The FD Box has options for a 3/4" or 1" NPT threaded hub, both tapered to make a watertight seal between the box and the conduit pipe.

Attaching the new 15 cu. in., industry-first, 55-degree Angle Adapter from Hubbell to the FD Box's face allows ample wiring space for 50A, four-wire installations. This angle design reduces cable strain and helps avert bent prongs when the boater inserts or removes the shore power plug. The Angle Adapter can be installed alone for panel applications, too.

Both the FD Box and Angled Adapter feature stainless steel mounting brackets for proper grounding, and external mounting supports.