December 9, 2015

Since buying Osborne Propellers in 2005 we have made a number of changes in the business that have enable us to provide better products and services to the marine market in Canada.  Osborne works with dozens of other propeller manufactures from around the world and has expanded our propeller offerings with a nearly unlimited selection of propeller styles, sizes and materials.  From large commercial propellers and nozzles to surface piercing propellers we cover everything and we service and repair everything that we sell.

Barnacle Dissolver Bottle

Early on we recognized that there was a need in the market for a consumer product that the boat owner could use in the boat yard to clean barnacles off of their propellers and running gear without harming themselves, their propellers or taking the propellers off the boat.  We worked with a Chemical company focused on “Green” Cleaning products for nearly two years to develop “Osborne’s Barnacle Dissolver” a product made using organic salts that dissolves barnacles and marine growth. Released at the 2015 Vancouver International boat show the product is now carried at dozens of local marine dealers in Western Canada and is being distributed by Western Marine across Canada.

The product allows the average do it your selfer to safely clean their propellers using simple hand tools to an “as-new” finish without removing material which can affect the balance and performance of the propeller. No more grinders or harsh acids. Using the product requires a little bit of elbow grease but the results are excellent.