Clothes PinsDrying laundry in the fresh air is great, but it can be frustrating to find clean items strewn on the ground or in the water. Bernard Engraving's Sea Snaps are nautically inspired clothes pins that can securely hang wet towels on rails or lines.

These plastic pins have big teeth for plentiful gripping power. A wide hook enables them to be used with railings measuring 3/4" to 1-1/4", which typically includes the ones installed in home showers.

While Sea Snaps are ideal for hanging laundry from lifelines and other rigging, they are also great for temporarily organizing wires and cables. They're even useful in the winter when drying wet ski clothes. Sea Snaps make a unique and thoughtful gift.

Available in yellow, teal and clear, each pin measures 6" x 3/4". Bernard Engraving's Sea Snaps are individually priced at $3.49.

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