Enjoy Outdoor Kit
Imagine cleaning your entire boat, inside and out, with just fibres and water.  Sound unbelievable?  Introducing ENJO, (pronounced EN-YO).  Made in Austria, ENJO products provide complete chemical-free cleaning for all of your cleaning needs.

Using ONLY water, ENJO fibres reach into the microscopic crevices present on all of your surfaces, lift the dirt and bacteria out of those crevices and trap it in the fibres until washed away with warm water and soap.  In fact, ENJO fibres clean 6X better than conventional cleaning methods and last an average of 2-3 years.  From  bow to stern, galley to dash, ENJO is the perfect choice for the health of your boat, your family and our waterways.  

Visit ENJO.CA for more information.  To book your own demo or personal appointment, please call Jenny Hall 705-527-6849 or feel free to visit her Facebook Page: Jenny Hall ENJO Canada



Enjo Clean