york_cup_match_race_2010-largeGreat wind made for ideal conditions to run a double round robin, comprising 36 races, for the nine skippers competing for the Grade 3 York Cup Match Race at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club on Saturday, August 7th. Hats off to Chris Cook, the PRO, for his expert race management over the weekend with course changes, square lines and perfectly timed races.

Competing for Canada were: Sarah Bury, David Jarvis, Terry McLaughlin, and Peter Wickwire from the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, as well as Magnus Sandberg from the National Yacht Club and Sweden. They were joined by Americans: Kent Colpaert, Will Cyr, and James Denner from the Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit, Michigan. Rounding out the competitors was Reuben Corbitt from New Zealand. The umpire team also consisted of an international group from the USA and Canada.

Leading into Sunday morning, August 9th, Terry McLaughlin lead the group of 9 teams with 7 wins and one loss, followed by Corbitt, Jarvis, and Wickwire. After the Semi-finals, Wickwire and Corbitt both had two points and moved into the finals, while Jarvis was pitted against McLaughlin in the Petit Finals. The great wind conditions allowed for a Consolation round to also be run.

Congratulations to Reuban Corbitt of New Zealand for a well sailed regatta! Finishing in second, Peter Wickwire, followed by Terry McLaughlin, and David Jarvis.