Feb 14, 2019

SpartanChris Stanmore-Major is an extremely experienced sailor and sail training instructor. As of 2018 he has sailed approximately 300,000Nm (more than the distance to the moon) in yachts ranging from 45' - 150'.

Since his arrival in Lunenburg in 2014 he has done much to try to help to get the waterfront in Lunenburg to develop positively, opening up to new business and new opportunities that would have a beneficial knock-on result to commerce in Lunenburg.

Chris writes:

As part of that process my company, Spartan Ocean Racing, now based in one of the town's most easily recognized buildings (right at the entrance to the town) is moving towards two major initiatives this year that I would like to share with you and the wider Canadian sailing community.

1. JUNE 2019 Spartan will be opening the 'Spartan Offshore Sailing Academy' in Lunenburg in June 2019 providing a range of safety and seamanship courses for offshore sailors. We will also specifically be working towards the 2020 IRC Offshore Worlds in New York and 2024 Olympics with the newly announced Offshore Sailing Event.  Our intent would be to field a two-boat Canadian team for these events trained right here in Lunenburg, NS.  











2. NOVEMBER 2019 I personally will be contending for the Solo, Non-stop West Around the World sailing speed record in November 2019 currently held for 16 years by the Frenchman Jean-Luc Van Den Heede . Even if I am not able to beat the record (122 days) I will become only the 6th person ever to sail west around the world, non-stop and alone.  I hope to do this in one of 60’ race boats that already carry's branding on behalf of the Province of Nova Scotia -in an attempt to raise international awareness of our Province.

3. New sailing YOUTUBE Channel ‘THE MARINER’ presently (7 x 20 min episodes) following the renovation and development of our Open 60 Hellcat; but set to develop over the next few years into a wider-interest sailing vlog .

Spartan BoatI am sure people would be proud to hear that Lunenburg, NS is once again competing in international yacht racing.