Feb 20, 2017

Vanishing Sail Trailer“If this thing is gone from here then everything is gone, you know.”

One highlights of the Halifax Boat Show for me was the showing of the film “Vanishing Sail”.

When I sailed in the Caribbean in the late 1970s there were still a fair number of vessels trading under sail. I remember watching a sailing “lighter” arriving in Nevis loaded with supplies (mostly Heineken, plus one goat).

Today the working sail vessels are gone. This beautifully shot documentary tells the story of Alwyn Enoe, one of the last boatbuilders in the Grenadines and his determined efforts to build his last sailboat and pass on the skills, learned form his Scottish ancestors, on to his sons.

You don’t have to know anything about the West Indian boatbuilding traditions to get caught up in the story as Alwyn struggles with deadlines, money and family to see his dream fulfilled. There is plenty of humour, and a cast of characters that keep things moving along. The last part of the film has some great sailing, including Antigua Classics.



Check out for a list of showings in various parts of the continent or even better arrange a showing at your local club.