Feb 7, 2017

Vandutch LaunchThe incredible VanDutch 30 is unveiled. Guests lined up throughout the evening to get on board to get an up-close look.

On Friday, January 20th, the first of a series of events announcing the opening of the remarkable new Friday Harbour All Seasons Resort was held in downtown Toronto. The star of the show was the VanDutch 30, a unique, avant-garde type of yacht that pushes the boundaries and raises the bar for modern design and advanced technology.

Sold internationally through a select group of VanDutch Sales and Service Centres, the VanDutch is the work of Frank Mulder the award-winning designer. Friday Harbour Resort has partnered with VanDutch, bringing the distinguished brand to Canada and will host a VanDutch Sales Centre on the resort property.

Friday Harbour has a unique type of integration in the many features and amenities of this new 600 acre waterfront, retail, golf and nature complex. One of the most exciting offerings will be the VanDutch Lounge. This has been designed to allow Friday Harbour residents and members to embrace their favorite beachside pastimes. The VanDutchLounge incorporates nuances of some of the world's finest waterfront destinations.

Vandutch Rob LeanneThe resort will also have a wide range of other watercraft available including canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and personal watercraft available for the enjoyment of their residents and guests.

Rob Walters, Marina Manager and Leanne Ruest , Chief Sales and Services Officer of Friday Harbour All Seasons Resort.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Marina Manager Rob Walters, who explained to us that the Marina will boast a 1,000 slip facility upon completion and will be able to accommodate vessels from runabouts to 100 foot yachts. Anything that can access Lake Simcoe through the Trent- Severn Waterway can be accommodated at Friday Harbour All Seasons Resort. The Marina plans to open this summer.

As one of only six Certified Marina Managers in Canada, Friday Harbour's Rob Walters is helping to establish this all seasons resort as Ontario's premier waterside attraction. “Our service philosophy at the marina is consistent with the entire resort,” he says. “To exceed expectations, anticipate needs and to make the impossible, possible.”

For Friday Harbour residents, this means offering luxury concierge services and ensuring boats are ready when needed. Services will include everything from detailing and maintenance, to having the fridge fully stocked with snacks and beverages.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Leanne Ruest at the event. As Chief Sales and Services Officer, Leanne makes it her mission to ensure that all residents and guests have an experience that is genuinely world-class. Officially, she's responsible for retail sales, the membership and rental programs, marketing and communications and the personalized service department, making her the point person for the luxury resort experience provided at Friday Harbour.

The elegant surroundings and impressive organization of their introductory event leaves no doubt that Friday Harbour will be in a class by itself when the first residents start moving in this summer.

Andy Adams