Mar 8, 2016

MD Marine InsuranceThe boating community is growing with people looking to relax, unwind and enjoy some fun on the water. MD Marine Insurance has been there to meet this growth and in turn has grown as well. This growth is great news for clients as it means they are able to maintain the highest level of customer service and continue to meet client’s needs effectively and efficiently.

With the expansion of the MD brand from coast to coast, the Ontario office is feeling the squeeze and bursting at the seams at our current 390 Laclie St location in Orillia. MD Marine has called this home for many years along with our parent company McLean & Dickey Insurance, who has been an Orillia landmark for over 90 years. 2016 is bringing change in more ways than one and on March 7, 2016 McLean & Dickey and MD Marine will call 174 West Street South in Orillia home. 

MD Marine Insurance is a division of McLean & Dickey Ltd. With a highly skilled team of experts in our Orillia head office and our Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal regional offices. MD Marine Insurance serves the needs of Canadian recreational boaters from coast to coast. For more information, please visit our website or call us toll free 1-877-627-4633.