Grand Banks 36With nine Grand Banks 36 models for sale – from a 1970 wooden classic to a 2001 wide-body that was the third-last GB 36 built – Grand Yachts invited prospective buyers to “take the helm” of these boats at their sales docks in Coal Harbour and Port Sidney on March 23.

Broker Alan McKillop said the event succeeded in introducing visitors to the 36 and to Grand Banks in general. “We wanted to give people the opportunity to experience a GB and understand why they have become legendary. We had people from a wide background, including sailors looking to move to power, people looking to move up in size, people who had heard of Grand Banks never had the chance to cruise on one, and the generally curious,” said McKillop. “I think people enjoyed getting out in the boats and seeing how they handle, seeing why Grand Banks are the legendary boats that they are.”

Grand Yachts’ principal Brian Kell said “Take the Helm” resulted in two boat sales and helped answer visitors’ questions about the trawler experience: “Moving from sail to power, trying out a boat running at a slower, easier pace, feeling the sense of noise, light, comfort, security.  We moved a number of people along a few notches in their thinking. And we all had fun!”

Grand Banks Yachts