Marlow Hunter 100th BoatMarlow-Hunter LLC, the corporation that bought the assets of Hunter Marine Corporation and selected assets of Mainship Corporation out of  a CH.11 proceeding,  shipped its 100th keel sailboat since closing on the purchase in mid-August.  Simultaneously, the first Mainship produced at the Marlow-Hunter facility, which was recently introduced at the Miami International Boat show was shipped.  

Mr. David E. Marlow, Chairman, commented, “Looking forward into the future with our motto ‘of building each boat better than before’ it is important to stop and reflect on these milestones.  In a bit over seven months in a very challenging marketplace our dealers and our customers have responded with
enthusiasm to the combine efforts of all our employees to deliver Marlow-Hunter boats of the highest quality.  And with the shipment of the first Mainship, the Marlow-Mainship 32, we have solidified our position in the marketplace by exhibiting our manufacturing flexibility to produce and market both power and sail.”

As pictured, the new Marlow-Hunter produced boats are being readied for trucking to the Northeast.  “New boats through a well thought out development schedule brings to the marketplace fresh new features that provide the benefits to today’s boaters,” further explained Mr. John T. Peterson, President of
Marlow-Hunter.  “By expanding into the trawler market with the introduction of the Mainship line, it has allowed us to diversify and bring employment levels up three-fold from a year ago.”

Marlow-Hunter, LLC markets and produces a line of sailboats and trawlers from 14’ to 50’ distributed throughout the world via 126 dealers.