Huronia Heritage DinnerHuronia Museum hosts its Annual Heritage Dinner at the North Simcoe Recreation Centre on May 3rd with guest speak, Steve Killing, discussing the theme of Fast Yachts 1812 to 2012.

The talk will cover the historical quest for speed under sail, when your life depended on it, to the recreational quest for speed, where sailors just behave like their life depends on it. In particular the move from single-hulled vessels to double-hulled catamarans saw a huge leap in speed potential, so large that the New York Yacht club outlawed, for over 100 years, any boat with more than one hull. Current projects to be discussed include two catamarans for different clients that are using modern materials and outlandish concepts to push the speed barriers. Sailing with crash helmets, and flying over the water is the norm in this new breed of boats.

Location: North Simcoe Recreation Centre on 3 May.
Tickets for the dinner are available at the Museum for $75. As this
is a fund raising event, a $40 charitable donation tax receipt will be provided. The evening will feature a nautical theme along with a silent auction and dessert auction.

Steve KillingHuronia Museum Heritage Dinner 2013
Theme: Fast Yachts 1812-2012
Guest Speaker: Steve Killing
Tickets: 705 526 2844

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