CPS 75th Anniversary1938 was the year that Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons (CPS-ECP) started its journey. Three members of the Windsor Yacht Club took the Junior Piloting Course at the Detroit Power Squadron in 1937 and instructed the first course in Windsor in 1938.  In honour of this 75th milestone in our history, two specially designed CPS anniversary flags arrived by boat from the United States depicting where we grew from.  These flags were delivered by USPS Chief Commander John Alter, SN and received by CPS Chief Commander Richard Bee, AP on May 5 at the Windsor Yacht Club.

Relay flags will be blessed by Fr. Stan Fraser and now have begun their journey west to Vancouver Island, BC and East to Avalon, Nfld. Stops will be made in each CPS District with great fanfare and eventually will return to the CPS-ECP 75th Anniversary Annual General Meeting in Toronto on October 26th.  CPS will retain one of the relay flags and the other will continue on to the United States Power & Sail Squadrons to be presented at their 100th anniversary celebrations held January 2014.  The flag is also symbolic of the important role USPS has had in the beginning of our own organization.

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The Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons (CPS-ECP) is recognized as the largest organization of its kind in the world, the foremost educational boating authority in Canada. Graduates of the CPS Boating Course proudly fly the CPS Flag on their vessels in recognition of their achievement.
Happy 75th Anniversary - It's a celebration!