Sept 13, 2018

OttawaVolunteers and boaters from across North America will congregate in Ottawa to exchange ideas, have their say in the business of their national organization, attend workshops, network with old friends and meet new ones. It will be a working conference with time for a little fun and relaxation. We are excited to have you all as our guests and show you some real National Capital hospitality.

Preliminary Agenda
Registration 1200 – 2000
Discover the Capital Tour 1245 – 1600
Haunted Walk Tour 1915

Dress Code: CPS-ECP casual

Registration 0900 – 2000
Victoria Registration 0900 – 2000
Prizes and Simulator 0900 – 1700
Displays 0930 – 1600
Ship's Store Kiosk 0930 – 1600
Gatineau Tour 0945 – 1400
Board Luncheon 1145 – 1300
Board of Directors Meeting 1300 – 1630
Chief Commander’s 80th Anniversary Reception 1700 – 1800
Membership Seminar (Closed) 1900 – 2100
Educational Dept. Seminars (Open to all) 1900 – 2200
Ottawa Hospitality 2230 – 0100

Dress Code: CPS-ECP casual

Health Walk 0630 – 0700
Registration 0800 – 1800
Victoria Registration 0800 – 1800
Squadron Commanders’ Meeting (Cdrs & XOs only) 0830 – 1145
District Commanders’ Meeting (Open to All) 0830 – 1145
Educational Dept. Meeting (Open to All) 0830 – 1130
Membership Meeting (Open to all) 0830 – 1145
Merrickville Tour 0845 – 1500
Prizes and Simulator 0900 – 1700
Displays 0900 – 1700
Ship's Store Kiosk 0930 – 1600
Commanders', Dist. Membership Officers and Educational Dept. Luncheon 1145 – 1315
Commanders', Dist. Membership Officers and Educational Dept. (Open to All) 1330 – 1700
General Reception - Cash Bar 1800 – 1900
Theme Dinner "Captains and Mates" 1900 – 2400
Great Lakes Hospitality 2230 – 0100

Dress code:
Daytime - CPS-ECP casual.
Evening - “Captains and Mates" costume preferred or casual.

Registration 0730 – 1700
AGM Delegates Registration 0730 – 0830
Annual General Meeting 0830 – 1200
Victoria Registration 0900 – 1700
Displays 0900 – 1700
General Reception Cash Bar 1200 – 1230
AGM Luncheon 1230 – 1345
Prize Pick-up 1400 – 1700
Ship's Store Kiosk 1400 – 1600
Board of Directors Meeting 1400 – 1530
IT: Hands On 1430 – 1630
Conference Committee Meeting 1430 – 1630
General Reception - Cash Bar 1800 – 1900
Chief Commander’s Gala Dinner 1900 – 2400
2019 Victoria Hospitality 2230 – 0100

Dress code:
AGM/AGM Lunch - Blazer ensemble.
C/C Gala - Formal attire. suit or tux, cocktail dress, evening gown.

Register here:|K=244920|CAL=224335

To make your room reservations, please call the number below:
Ottawa Marriott Hotel
100 Kent St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5R7
Reservations: 1-800-853-8463
Reservations for CPS-ECP Members

We are pleased to announce that for CPS-ECP members attending the 2018 Conference and AGM a special room rate of $179/night has been secured. This rate will be available until September 17, 2018 at 4pm and is subject to availability.

Valvetech Bridgewater MarinaFor many years now, we have used gasoline in our cars and trucks that contains some amount of ethanol, a form of alcohol, and just as a few drops of water combine almost instantly in your Scotch, moisture from the atmosphere can combine with the ethanol in the gasoline that is in your boat’s fuel tank.

Your motor vehicle has a sealed fuel system to control evaporative losses that are a source of air pollution. Fuel is moved into the engine under pressure and any drips that might escape, drop onto the pavement. The engine is open to the pavement below. In an inboard boat, the hull is below the engine and any drips will collect in the bilge with potentially explosive consequences. 

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Grand Banks 60 SkyloungeThe Canadian market has always been a tough nut for yacht designers to figure out. Summer days get really hot; other days are downright cold. There is always the chance things could change in the blink of an eye and let’s be honest, who among us hasn’t stepped off the boat wearing shorts, flip flops and a warm jacket? Canadian yachting has always been a world of contradictions, which is why designing cruising yachts for this market has never been easy. It’s not like Florida or the Med, where weather is dependable throughout the year.



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ILCA DinghyAustin, Texas, USA (25 April 2019) – In the wake of last month’s termination of its contract with its European builder, the International Laser Class Association (ILCA) announced today that, from 25 April 2019, all new, class-approved boats will be sold and raced under the “ILCA Dinghy” name. This change will have no impact on existing ILCA-authorized boats and equipment, which will be able to race alongside ILCA Dinghies in all class sanctioned events.

“It’s a big change for a racing class that hasn’t seen anything like this in our almost 50- year history,” said Class President Tracy Usher.

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The DocksBy Katherine Stone

Docks are well-lit and wide to accommodate dock carts.

Steeped in tradition that goes back to one of the oldest towns in Canada west of Quebec City, is Penetanguishene. This bilingual community of 9,000 is located in the middle of Huronia on the southeasterly tip of Georgian Bay in Simcoe Country, Ontario. The name is believed to have been derived from Algonquin (also believed to have come from the Wendat, Abenaki and Ojibwe tribes) meaning “place of the white rolling sands”. 

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