Sept 14, 2017

VHFFor many years P/C/C Norm Dyck was looking to Icom to build a VHF DSC Simulator that could be used by our ROC-M instructors in their Radio course. So after much work by CPS-ECP and Icom on the design and testing of this unit we introduced the first working model at the CPS-ECP 2016 conference in Vancouver.

This VHF-DSC Simulator has many exciting features that enable the instructor to demonstrate not only a DSC call, but also how to make a regular DSC call.

The unit is packaged in a rugged high impact waterproof case with a Icom handheld M93D Radio and a M324G GPS base station radio built into it. All the power supplies are circuit breaker protected and integrated into the case with 20ft of cable so that it enables the student to communicate with the instructor or another student in another room.

The units are pre programmed with their own unique MMSI numbers that has been registered with Industry Canada as Test & Demo Unit with a Do Not Respond Protocol .

CPS-ECP Squadrons across the country have almost 40 of these units that will be used in their ROC(M) classes and also demonstrated at other functions.

If you would like more information on this unit please contact the local CPS-ECP Squadron in your area or National Office.

The Middens of Galiano Island

By Catherine Dook

We motored our way into Montague Harbour along a twisted channel with our engine muffled by the leaning trees.

“This is peaceful,” I told my husband, John.

“Look,” I pointed to an eagle sitting on the top of a tree overlooking the channel entrance like a sentinel giving permission for us to pass. Dignified, unruffled, his impassioned gaze noted and then dismissed us, as uninteresting and perhaps unworthy. I was tired. We’d pulled up anchor at Portland Island that morning, and the grind of the diesel engine had worn me down.

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Cruisers Yachts Cantius 50

Cruisers Yachts Cantius 50By: John Armstrong and Andy Adams
Photos: Cruisers Yachts Inc.

Almost a decade ago, Cruisers Yachts Inc., launched an entire line of express cruisers called “Cantius” (named after company owner KC Stock’s grandfather) that began with the 48Cantius then came the 54, the 60 and now the Cantius 50. In the fall of 2017, we will be at the debut of the 42 Cantius at the Fort Lauderdale International boat show.

These designs have a strong family resemblance withhandsome and distinctive linesand with a design philosophy that you could say, pioneered the new version of the express cruiser. 

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