altCanada Metals Pacific (CMP), the BC manufacturer of anodes and other marine products, recently announced their purchase of Rocna Anchors, formerly of New Zealand. CMP already manufactures a line of anchor chain and this acquisition complements this product offering. Rocna had already addressed a concern about product quality after reports of metal failure in a batch of their anchors built in Asia. Under the new Rocna ownership CMP has fully extended warranties on Rocna anchors to include bending as well as breakage. This will help boost confidence in the unique Rocna anchor design.

CMP is an innovator in metal components and markets a full line of marine anodes. They are considered the innovator responsible for the introduction of aluminum anodes, which are proving to be more effective as a marine anode and do not release harmful chemicals into the environment. Zinc anodes have come under question because they release small amounts of toxic cadmium while aluminum anodes do not.