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Kannad Safe-Link R-10

Kannad of Britain has launched a personal safety device that triggers an AIS signal instead of a typical distress call on the 406 MHz band. The Safe-Link R-10 is a very compact device that is designed to be mounted on the manual inflator hose of a collar-style PFD. Once armed at the start of a watch or a cruise, it will be triggered by a quick downward pull of the attached lanyard. It will then transmit its AIS signal with updated GPS coordinates over a range of up to four miles, and will operate for up to 24 hours.

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Mustang MIT 100 Inflatable PFD

Mustang’s newest inflatable, the MIT 100, shows the continued product improvement that we have come to expect from Mustang. The fabric is lighter and has some stretch content that makes the PFD 20 percent lighter and more comfortable to wear. The fold-up design is better with only one Velcro closing flap on each side that is easily opened for pre-use inspection. The arming mechanism and the auto-inflate are instantly visible and the wearer can ensure its safe operation quickly.

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Rescue Lasers

This new family of laser lights is the best personal safety equipment introduced this year! The size of small flashlights and powered by AA or the included lithium batteries, these lasers have a night-time range of up to 20 miles! And they are eye-safe, and can be used to signal to aircraft. Light in weight at between three and six ounces and built of rugged aluminum, these have a quality look and feel. I did a personal test and immediately bought two. In three sizes with red and green lights priced between $100 and $200.

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Kannad Marine: Correction to Feb 2013 CY Print Article

Kannad MarineThe Canadian Yachting Feb 2013 (page 56) issue included a review of Kannad Marine’s personal safety device, the Safe-Link R-10.  Canadian Yachting would like to correct a misspelling of the company’s name in this article as well as the correct version of their website URL:

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Mustang Catalyst Floater Jacket

Always the industry standard in personal safety gear and flotation, Mustang has continued product improvement to make their life-saving gear more comfortable. Their new Survival Catalyst Jacket features lightweight, breathable and waterproof layers they call the M-Tech Comfort System. The fabric layers are also more flexible allowing work or play while still protecting the wearer from foul weather. This line has quickly become the favourite of professionals but is equally affordable by pleasure boaters. Retail price for the jacket is about $650 and comes in sizes from Small to 2XL in red and black.

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