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McMurdo Fast Find 220 Personal Locator Beacon

The McMurdo Fast Find 220 is a powerful distress beacon providing a direct method of alerting search and rescue authorities where no other forms of communication are available, using the 406 MHz search and rescue satellite communication system, COSPAS SARSAT. Also transmits a 121.5MHz homing signal.

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SafeLink R10 wins Marine Innovation Awards

Safelink R10The SafeLink R10, Overall Winner of the 2012 Pittman Innovation Awards and winner of a 2012 Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award, is worn on a lifejacket and activated by sliding off the safety tab and lifting an arming cap to deploy the antenna.
The compact, lightweight unit sends alert messages, GPS position and a special identity code directly to AIS receivers within approximately a four mile radius. A flashing LED light aids location at night.

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Kannad Safe-Link R-10

Kannad of Britain has launched a personal safety device that triggers an AIS signal instead of a typical distress call on the 406 MHz band. The Safe-Link R-10 is a very compact device that is designed to be mounted on the manual inflator hose of a collar-style PFD. Once armed at the start of a watch or a cruise, it will be triggered by a quick downward pull of the attached lanyard. It will then transmit its AIS signal with updated GPS coordinates over a range of up to four miles, and will operate for up to 24 hours.

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Kannad Marine SafeLink EPIRB

Safelink EPIRBThe Kannad Marine SafeLink 406 MHz EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) has integral GPS for highly accurate position information. It works on the global COSPAS SARSAT search and rescue satellite system, which is supported by international government search and rescue authorities around the world, so a call for help will be acted upon and fast.

The ultra compact and stylish 406 MHz SafeLink represents the next generation in EPIRB technology. It is the first EPIRB to have an integrated antenna, enabling the compact size -and a user-replaceable battery, making future battery changes easier and more economical for the owner (for non legislated applications only). Waterproof and floats upright, allowing it to be tethered to a life raft and left to transmit.

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Mustang MIT 100 Inflatable PFD

Mustang’s newest inflatable, the MIT 100, shows the continued product improvement that we have come to expect from Mustang. The fabric is lighter and has some stretch content that makes the PFD 20 percent lighter and more comfortable to wear. The fold-up design is better with only one Velcro closing flap on each side that is easily opened for pre-use inspection. The arming mechanism and the auto-inflate are instantly visible and the wearer can ensure its safe operation quickly.

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