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Study Highlights Carbon Monoxide Hazards On Houseboats

HouseboatsBoaters and marina workers should exercise caution this summer before taking to the seas. A study published online in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (JOEH) outlines hazards posed by carbon monoxide levels on houseboats that use gasoline-powered generators without emission controls, along with controls that are available to reduce exposure to carbon monoxide from the generators.

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Orion Floating Safety Kits

OrionOrion USCG Approved Signal Kits now packed in floating neoprene zippered bag!

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Overfill Alert System from Herrington Marine Technologies

Fuel Spill PreventionThe Overfill Alert System from Herrington Marine Technologies integrates with existing fuel tank sending units to alert the user when to halt the flow of fuel. An indicator light and audible buzzer activate when the fuel level reaches 95% capacity, allowing for 5% expansion within the tank itself. Once activated, the system automatically resets within 10 seconds.

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Transport Canada Has Released the 2014 Safe Boating Guide

Safe Boating Guide The 2014 Canadian Safe Boating Guide is published by Transport Canada as a resource to make sure that you know the regulations that apply to boating and that you learn more about safe and responsible boating practices.

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Marine Binocular Float Strap Keeps Your Optics Afloat

Binocular Float StrapOh Buoy, Bino Overboard! With boating season in high gear across the nation, it is important to remember to have life preservers aboard for your loved ones as well as your beloved optics. The Vero Vellini Marine Binocular Float Strap is a flotation device for protecting your binocular, waterproof camera, GPS, radio or other expensive handheld-device, should it accidentally go overboard. Don’t give up your gear to Davy Jones.

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