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Big Orange Holding Tank

altThe Big Orange holding tank vent filter is easily installed on the vent line of your holding tank and begins working immediately by filtering the air coming from your holding tank to remove the odour. In fact, the Big Orange holding tank vent filter uses the same activated carbon pellet technology that is used in industrial exhaust scrubbers to eliminate the odour coming from your holding tank. Big Orange boasts a large carbon pellet volume, more than any other vent line filter available on the market. It lasts longer and works better. Unlike "the other guys", the Big Orange holding tank vent filter uses an easily refillable cartridge so you don’t need to buy a new filter every year.

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Raritan Atlantes Freedom ® Toilet

altThe Raritan Atlantes Freedom ® Toilet has powerful bronze cutting blades designed to "shred" most objects. It is now available in two bowl sizes: standard household and elongated. Enjoy the freedom from clogged toilets and marine size bowls. There are no fuses or relays inside the unit and timer module (A8 model only) can be removed and the toilet will still operate.

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Pela Oil Extractor

Pela125The PELA 2000 is a scaled down version of the popular PELA 6000. With all the same convenient features, simply pump 4 to 10 times to create a powerful vacuum. Then watch the oil drain neatly into the calibrated container. The PELA 2000 is designed for those who have small jobs but don`t want to pay the higher prices of the bigger pumps.

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Attwood ‘s Water-Buster Battery-Powered Pump

 Attwood125A versatile pump with many uses, including removing water from dinghies alongside the dock. Three D batteries (not included) pump for 5 hours. 200gph open-flow capacity. Submersible. 42" hose stows neatly around the pump.

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HRO System’s Seafari 170 Mini Watermaker

Hiro125Gain the luxury of high quality in a smaller capacity watermaker. The HRO Seafari 170 contains the most advanced features, equipment and benefits available on any reverse osmosis watermaker of its size. It is manufactured with a low maintenance design for easy use and simple routine service. The Seafari 170 is the most cost effective and dependable way to solve your fresh water needs.  Enjoy drinking water with no worries.

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