Pela Oil Extractor


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Pela Oil Extractor

Pela250The PELA 2000 is a scaled down version of the popular PELA 6000. With all the same convenient features, simply pump 4 to 10 times to create a powerful vacuum. Then watch the oil drain neatly into the calibrated container. The PELA 2000 is designed for those who have small jobs but don`t want to pay the higher prices of the bigger pumps.

With a capacity of 2.5 litres, it`s ideal for small 4-stroke outboard engines up to 50 HP (depending on make). For homeowners with lawnmowers and other power equipment, this value priced tool is essential.

  • Capacity: 2.5 litres (0.66 gal)
  • Height: 17.5" (assembled)
  • Diameter of Container: 7"
  • Tube: Probe 3/16" OD, Length 43"; Clear Section 3/8" OD, Length 39"