HRO System’s Seafari 170 Mini Watermaker


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HRO System’s Seafari 170 Mini Watermaker

Hiro250Gain the luxury of high quality in a smaller capacity watermaker. The HRO Seafari 170 contains the most advanced features, equipment and benefits available on any reverse osmosis watermaker of its size. It is manufactured with a low maintenance design for easy use and simple routine service. The Seafari 170 is the most cost effective and dependable way to solve your fresh water needs.  Enjoy drinking water with no worries.

  • Produces 7 U.S. Gallons per hour, 170 U.S. Gallons per day
  • Rated Perfomance/Product Water Produced: ±15% at 820 PSIG/58 BAR, 77ºF/25ºC & 35,000PPM TDS typical sea water
  • Salt Rejection (Chloride Ion): Per individual R.O. Membrane Element.  High Rejection Systems minimum 99.2%, average 99.4%
  • Salinity Monitoring: Automatic electronic monitoring.  Temperature compensated and of a a fail–safe design
  • System Feed Water: Flow .50GPM/1.89LPM
  • Salinity Range: Designed for Seawater use up to 50,000PPM TDS (NaCI)
  • Temperature Range: Max. 122ºF/50ºC, Min.
  • Dimensions: 26"W x 11"H x 13.75"D