PLASTIMO’s Flexible Water Tanks


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PLASTIMO’s Flexible Water Tanks

Plastimo250Flexible, light and form-fitting, these tanks use a PVC bladder inside a tough, abrasion-resistant nylon outer “envelope.” Maintenance is easy because the inner bladder can be removed for cleaning and inspection. The bladder is slightly oversized so pressure is exerted on its nylon shell, rather than on the heat-welded seams. 1 1/2" 90° fill and 1/2" straight outlet fittings ready to install.

  • Material: PVC/nylon
  • Port Sizes: 1-1/2" 90° fill, 1/2" straight outlet
  • Vent: No
  • Fitting Type: 90º hose barb, rotates 360°
  • Warranty: One year