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Aqua King II Water Pump from Shurflo

Shurflo Aqua King Water PumpA really practical and valuable new product is the Aqua King II water pump from Shurflo and we met manager Wendy Inskeep at IBEX. She explained the value and importance of this great new  water pump. It’s a four chamber pump and in her display you could see her operate four different fixtures at a flow rate of four gallons per minute [five gallon per minute is also available] and the flow of water remained steady at all four taps even as you turn some on or off.

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Dry Boat System

Bilge Filtration SystemJohn Bartnick is the developer of The Dry Boat System and he had a pair of identical fiberglass runabouts on display. Both were boats with foam cored construction but one had been cut open extensively to repair and replace the wet and damaged core while the other was being dried out using a dry air injection system applied to the bad core areas using

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Don’t Let a Clogged Head Cut The Cruise Short!

Vortex VacWith Raritan's Atlantes Freedom Toilet, boat owners can declare their independence from clogged heads.  Now this excellent performing toilet features the company's Vortex-Vac discharge system. 

This technology creates a vacuum internally, so no remote vacuum pump or tank is required.  It also eliminates the need for foot pedals and other mechanical components that can fail.  Unlike typical vaccuum toilet systems, a convenient, built-in shredder with stainless steel blades transforms waste into small particles to reduce clogs.  A unique discharge loop eliminates odours and enables the bowl to hold water, similar to home toilets.

Vortex-Vac is quiet, efficient and has both low-power consumption and

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Pirit Heated Hose

Fresh water freezes in winter so what do you do when you need water all winter? Recognizing this need, Paulin & Co.  developed just the product, an electrically heated garden hose. With heating elements fabricated right into its walls, the 5/8-inch hose has its power supply through an electrical cord at the supply end. It can be set to operate automatically and turn on at 45 degrees F (7 degrees C) and off at 57 degrees F (14 degrees C) or higher.

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Electro-Scan Waste Treatment System

With increasingly stringent waste discharge legislation in both Canadian and US waters, boaters looking for waste removal solutions have at least a couple of options. Holding tanks are the obvious first-level fix but, of course, these need a pump-out station and there are not many of those on this coast.

Raritan has another option for vessels up to 65’ in length.

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