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New VHF Radio Offers AIS and GPS Functions

nav-vhf_radio-smallProbably the very first piece of electronic equipment that a boater should get, if they are going out on a large body of water, is a VHF Radio.

The Coast Guard monitors VHF, so do many police forces and a wide range of other boaters; private citizens also monitor VHF Channel 16. Most marinas have a radio on in their office, too. The VHF is a vital piece of safety equipment and next to life jackets, the best thing to have in the event of a breakdown or a problem. So, it makes perfect sense that the time-honoured and proven VHF radio should see its capabilities expand as new technologies come out.

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Dramatic Advances in Small Boat Radar

navigation-radar_system-smallIf your boat does not have a radar system and if you venture out long enough to get caught in darkness, or in weather like fog or rain, a radar system is a very important safety investment. If you have radar, but it is an older system, consider upgrading to the new technologies. The performance improvements are simply amazing.

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Perko’s New LED Nav Lamps Unite Modern Design With Performance

LED125Bringing marine lighting into the 21st century, Perko introduces its new Stealth line of state-of-the-art LED Navigation Lamps.  Providing a contemporary look, the attractive Stealth Series includes the lowest profile surface-mounted lights on the market.

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Astra Metal Sextant

Astra125The Astra IIIB has somewhat revolutionized celestial navigation. Never before has such a high quality, accurate metal sextant been available at such a low price. Over 18,000 sextants of this model have been sold in the US alone in the past 20 years; far more than any other serious sextant. Its popularity has spread throughout the rest of the world as well, making it the the most recognized (and supported) sextant worldwide.

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Davis Hand Bearing Compass

DavisHHCompass125Using this precision marine hand bearing compass, you can quickly obtain magnetic bearings from on shore or on water. Obtain a bearing simply by aligning front and rear sights on an object and reading off bearing.


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