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Need To Find The Right Paint For Your Boat? Now There is an App for That.

Boating Paint

The Interlux® Boat Paint Guide has gone digital with the launch of a free app for Apple® IOS and Android smartphones and tablets, designed to make it easy to access Interlux product information and select the correct  Interlux paint system.

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Bad Elf GPS for Lightning Connector

Bad Elf GPS Connector for LightningThe Bad Elf GPS for Lightning™ Connector quickly acquires a satellite lock anywhere in the world – without cell tower assistance. No Internet connection or monthly subscription is required. The Bad Elf GPS for Lightning™ Connector (BE-GPS-1008) is an officially licensed by Apple plug-in dongle that instantly adds location support for iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPod touch (5th generation).

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Meeting in the Middle

Most people who buy a 60’ yacht aren’t too worried about how much the electronics add-on package is going to cost.  After all, what’s another $30,000 when you’re already in for a million? Many of us fall into a more moderate category, with 25’ to 35’ vessels, some brand-new, some used.  If this is where you’re at, deciding which electronics to put on the boat means a process of trying to get the most function for the lowest price.  Fortunately, new marine electronics make this easier than ever before, with lots of flexibility and value.

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Garmin Introduces SideVü and DownVü Side-Scanning Sonar

Garmin Down VuGarmin has just announced their new down and side-scanning sonar technology called SideVü and DownVü.  Garmin will also be offering a brand new line of standalone echo fishfinders and echoMAP combination units with built-in DownVü capability.  A software update that allows any new GPSMAP 500 and 700 series units to be DownVü compatible will be released in addition to these units.  The company will also be offering the GCV 10

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Special Section - Marine Electronics 2013

Do you remember the car phones of the mid to late 1980s? A mere 25 years ago, your car phone was bolted onto the dashboard, the handset was as big as the one on your home telephone and it was attached with a thick coiled cord that got caught on the gear shift and wrapped around your neck every time you went around a corner. But wow! That little black antenna on your back window proclaimed to the world that you were a techno-leader!

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