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100 Amp Shore Power Devices Stand Up To Mother Nature

100 Amp Power DeviceShip-to-shore power devices are always stuck out in the elements, subjected to heat, cold, rain, snow or corrosive salt spray. Hubbel l Marine offers a high-quality line of 100 amp pin and sleeve plugs, connector bodies and components designed to withstand damaging marine conditions. Hubbel l Marine's shore power inlets use a spring-loaded, gasketed cover that automatically closes when not in use, creating a weatherproof seal. Locking the cover makes it watertight. Inside, nickel-plated, solid brass pins ensure a reliable electrical contact . A high-impact thermoset contact carrier is resistant to arcing and overheating to enhance safety. Terminals are clearly marked for simple installation.

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Isotherm Smart Energy Control Reduces OnBoard Power Use

Isotherm Smart EnergyWith Isotherm Smart Energy Control, Indel Webasto Marine offers the opportunity to dramatically reduce on board power consumption for refrigeration appliances.

This kit can be easily retrofitted to upgrade the energy saving capabilities of your existing Isotherm refrigeration product. The new CRUISE Elegance line provides a pre-formed location in the cabinet.

How does it work ?

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Safe, Reliable Shore Power Connections Are Critical

Smart PlugOverheating due to poor electrical conductivity is the #1 cause of shore power failure.  Older plug designs are notorious for burning out as a result of loose connections and corrosion.  SmartPlug's 30 amp connector and inlet have many features that greatly increase conductivity and reduce the possibility of overheating.

 The 30 amp inlet contains a trip thermostat, which cuts power in the unlikely event of overheating.  It's set to trip at 200ºF, just before wire insulation begins to soften, and restores the power once it has cooled back down to a safe temperature of around 120ºF.        

The SmartPlug's sleeve design means that the body of the connector bears that tension, rather than the electrical pins.

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Dr. LED Festoon Bulb

There is no end of LED lights available now, entire fixtures as well as replacement bulbs.   But Dr. LED’s new 360-degree festoon bulb replacement caught our attention recently because it is an excellent replacement for the bulbs found in established Perko navigation light fixtures. There are thousands of such navigation light systems installed and the Dr. LED festoon is designed to replace the Perko Fig 71 bulb.

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Hubbell Y-Adapter for 50A Shore Cords

With increased electrical loads on larger boats these days, more marinas are being asked for 100A service when all they available on their dock is 50A service at a maximum. The new Hubbell Y Adapter will allow a safe marriage of two 50A outlets to one 100A cord to satisfy that demand from larger boats. The new YQ100Plus adapter is intelligent, in that it senses polarity and avoids any mis-wiring, using indicator lights to warn the operator if connections are correct or not. If needed, this adapter can also be used with only one 50A outlet band to balance the vessel needs with whatever power on the dock is available.

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