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Technical and Stylish Floatable Eyewear by Gill

Gill Floating SunglassesGill’s popular range of floatable sunglasses has been totally refreshed with a collection of new designs offering additional technical features. Specifically designed for use on the water, not only do they provide maximum UV protection from the sun, through high quality 100% glare free polarized lenses, but are also comfortable and stylish to wear.

Polaroid's polarizing lenses are made up of a number of functional elements ultra-carefully bonded together to achieve a high-performance optical product: The main element of the sandwich lens construction is the polarizing light filter in the center. Laminated to both sides of the filter are UV light absorbers, which block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation.

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Ronstan Sailing-Timing Watch

Long a trusted name in sailing hardware and gear, Ronstan has developed an impressive line of sailing performance watches. We used one at a regatta recently and found it both intuitive and easy to use. The screen was readily visible even in the hectic race action and in direct sunlight. All models are fully waterproof and feature a variety of functions for the sailor, the racer or the outdoor enthusiast. Day or stop functions are standard, as are audible alarm and countdown settings for racing starts. The LCD display has large numerals for easy reading in any boating environment.

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Racers Will Love the Gill Regatta Master Watch II

The lightweight, new and improved Regatta Master Watch II from Gill is designed specifically for the competitive sailor. Water resistant to 50 meters, features include a stopwatch, countdown timer – with Sync function, compass, calendar and alarm, all displayed on a large digital screen. Serious racers will enjoy the countdown feature that gives a sound signal every minute, and in the last minute prior to the race start, the seconds count down in a large full screen display for ease of viewing. The synchronization feature allows sailors to readjust their timings to the closest minute at any time in the sequence.

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Xtra-Large Carryall

There is never enough storage on most boats and carrying gear back and forth can be a hassle. A former sailor agreed and made a carryall that she used in her boating. It worked so well she is making them for other boaters. This expandable carryall is made of tough nylon net and webbing material and is surprisingly tough, yet it can swallow dozens of items. We found it really useful for life jackets, foul- weather gear and sea boots, for example. The maker claims she once put 24 life-jackets into hers and we can believe it. It measures 54” by 56” and is complete with a drawstring closure and carrying handles.

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Sperry Top-Sider’s “Son-R Technology™” Lets You See With Your Feet

altSperry Top-Sider® just announced updates to its new SON-R Technology, a patent-pending sensory feedback system engineered into a line of multi-water sport shoes. These shoes are specially designed to address the challenges water enthusiasts face when navigating across varied and unseen underfoot terrain. Whether on slippery rocks while portaging a canoe, or on the slick fibreglass of a boat, Sperry has engineered a complete collection of footwear that creates a safer and more enjoyable experience in, on and around the water.

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