Sperry Top-Sider’s “Son-R Technology™” Lets You See With Your Feet


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Sperry Top-Sider’s “Son-R Technology™” Lets You See With Your Feet

altSperry Top-Sider® just announced updates to its new SON-R Technology, a patent-pending sensory feedback system engineered into a line of multi-water sport shoes. These shoes are specially designed to address the challenges water enthusiasts face when navigating across varied and unseen underfoot terrain. Whether on slippery rocks while portaging a canoe, or on the slick fibreglass of a boat, Sperry has engineered a complete collection of footwear that creates a safer and more enjoyable experience in, on and around the water.

The new line will launch in stores and on sperrytopsider.com/son-r in Spring 2012.

Craig Reingold, President, Sperry Top-Sider said, “Just as a submarine uses SON-R to navigate unchartered waters, our SON-R footwear technology provides sensory feedback to what is underfoot and literally lets the individual ‘see with their feet’ to better feel the terrain beneath them and adjust and improve agility and stability."

The patented design of SON-R Technology features anatomically positioned pods in an ultra-flexible outsole that work in concert with a textured insole containing independent chambers that respond to the pressure exerted to the foot – thus enhancing proprioceptive feedback – the ability to send sensory feedback to the brain so that the wearer ‘feels, thinks and reacts’ to the terrain beneath his or her feet to aid in better stability and balance.