May 10, 2018

NickSome people are club champions - Nick Gentleman of Hubbards has successfully overcome visual impairment and turned it into an intangible ability. Aside from sailing Nick is also plays competitive Goalball, for Team Nova Scotia, a Paralympic sport for the blind and visually impaired.

Sailing has been in Nick’s family for generations and he has been around the water since he was a baby. Learning to sail in Opti’s at the Hubbards Sailing School he started racing but found it a bit challenging due to his vision. Despite this obstacle, Nick persisted by going to regattas to hone his skills and is now regular crew in the 420 class. His ability to always know where the wind is coming from and ability to detect wind shifts is very beneficial. “I like the feeling of being free, racing, just being with friends at the club”

- Rob Dunbar.