Feb 22, 2018

VGM MarineEvery year Halifax International Boat Show signals the beginning of a new edition of the much-anticipated boating season. Show season is the time for both established and aspiring entrepreneurs to put their best foot forward. Every budding businessman knows that this is the time to either be a hero or a zero.

While meandering through the Halifax Exhibition Centre I came across a company that often shows up on my Instagram account, but aside from seeing a few interesting posts and videos I had never really known what this local company is all about.

Jeff Pritchard, owner of VMG Marine, is one of those lucky few that has been able to turn a childhood passion and make it into a viable business that is to the benefit of many boaters all over North America. VMG Marine is a local business that provides many services: boat transportation, general maintenance, boat salvage and disposal, shrink wrap and winterizing, building custom cradles and rigging day sailors to mega yachts. VMG Marine has even provided emergency support to racing yachts that divert to Halifax for repairs.

With two trucks and five trailers, Jeff and his crew have travelled to Vancouver, Texas, and quite often to Florida to transport boats for their vast clientele. No place is too far either as Jeff told me his tale of travelling to Taiwan to finish a boat build in a yard that had gone out of business half way through the project. Mr. Pritchard flew from Halifax to Taiwan where it was arranged for him to have four labourers and a translator to get the boat ready for launch. Now that’s service!!

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Rob Dunbar
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