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Brothers in Boats

Knowing the inflatable trade spells success for the Keys brothers, in BC and back home in Ireland. This is a story about two brothers in two countries, and how the booming popularity of inflatable boats on a global scale has changed both of their lives. The brothers are Brendan and Ronan Keys, born and raised in the port of Drogheda, on the east coast of Ireland just north of Dublin. Today, Brendan’s home is Vancouver, where he is a partner in GA Checkpoint Yamaha, one of BC’s leading inflatable and outboard dealers, while Ronan operates Inland Inflatable Services, Ireland’s leading inflatable sales and service firm, in Sligo, on the country’s west coast.

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This One’s For You, Tolly

Yacht builder and boater’s boater, the late ‘Tolly’ Tollefson is remembered at a place he loved, Princess Louisa Inlet Princess Louisa Inlet is a narrow cleft in British Columbia’s Coast Range mountains, a four-mile-long appendage near the upper end of Jervis Inlet, 40 miles from Pender Harbour. Dark granite walls rise to peaks 3,000 feet above the surface and plunge straight into the inlet to depths of 600 feet. Beautiful waterfalls fed by snowfields on the heights above wash the rock walls year-round, but the waterfalls are more numerous and more dramatic during peak snow melt in the spring. At the head of the inlet, Chatterbox Falls bursts out, creating a stunning background for boat photos.

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Our home and Native Boat

The 2012 C&C Yachts Reunion and Conference Brings Canada’s Greatest Sailboat Brand Back to Life. Is there a C&C on your dock? Yes. Did you ever race against a C&C? Likely. Do you own a C&C? Did you ever own one? The chances are extremely high that we have now included every one of the Canadian sailors and crew out there in the Canadian Yachting Nation. Each and every one of us has certainly had contact with this famous brand. I don’t own one, but I race against a C&C 27 and a Viking 28 every Wednesday.

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