Aug 13, 2020

Distant BoatersThis picture was taken by a friend who shall remain anonymous for reasons of potential litigation. We even went to the trouble of using PhotoShop to “blurr” the faces in case the people here are not all from the same household. (as if…)

Even for boating enthusiasts, it’s not easy to determine if this is a boat, a pontoon boat or perhaps a picnic table, but I will say that Mercury seems to have the right power to move it!

Ignoring the obvious safety concerns around minimal freeboard, there does seem to be a space down the centre where PFDs could be stowed to be “near at hand” (since no one is wearing one) and the other mandated safety equipment like bailing buckets and sound signaling devices could be in there too. Full coolers are more likely though!

We could go on and on because this picture is worth a thousand words, and I’m sure the police would have at least a thousand words if they found this out in the water, just from a boating safety perspective – forget COVID-19.

So, I’m curious about why anyone would ever do this, and especially now, but they did and perhaps it speaks to the frame of mind that a few boaters are in this summer!

At Canadian Yachting Media, we have received numerous reports of reckless, or unsafe boating and we sent out a message to our readers asking, “if you have a positive message encouraging safe responsible boating, we would like to hear it, and share it. All good ideas are welcome. And plainly, we need something.

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. which is also the address for your Photo of the Week or, dare I say it horror boating shots.


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And in some ways it hardly matters because the Rideau Waterway is just so amazingly beautiful. Driving your boat through the locks is wonderful fun for kids of all ages (adult kids, too) and the scenery is sensational. The history is a huge bonus however, and worth understanding from both as a political lesson and from an engineering perspective.

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