June 27, 2019

BoatoxBefore we announce the contest, here’s a fine shot of very interesting transom your editor took on a recent junket. Love it!!

More importantly, we received this fine shot from our reader, Steve Carroll. Steve writes this evocative description of a very lovely photo:

Good afternoon CYOB,

As I was looking through the latest version of Canadian Yachting On Board, I finally decided to take the time to send you a photo that I took last October and describe the circumstances. A friend of mine had purchased an old Lello 34 sailboat and was moving it solo from Nova Scotia to Port Dalhousie last fall. He had a GPS tracker so his family and friends were able to follow his progress. As he rounded the Gaspé, winds and tides blew him backwards one day and I realized that he was probably struggling moving the boat single-handed. I offered to help him complete the rest of the journey. He agreed and I joined him a few days later in Rimouski.

SunsetWe left Rimouski on October 5th and proceeded to motor sail day and night up the St. Lawrence stopping briefly in Trois Riviéres for fuel and a shower. In Montreal, we caught the last day of dedicated lock times for pleasure boats through the canal system and continued to make our way upriver. Entering Lake Ontario on the morning of October 10th we were committed to the final leg of the journey as a very strong west wind was scheduled to blow in at noon the following day. This picture was taken as we motored across the lake toward Rochester. A smooth crossing and the pleasant evening presented a gorgeous sunset as we sailed toward it. The trip ended when we arrived in the Port Dalhousie marina at 7:30 the next morning. The wind came in as forecasted but we were safety tucked into a slip.

Steve Carroll



O Canada - The POTW Contest

The POTW photo of the week can be anything photographed on or near your boat, boat shows, kids, pets, lunch, costumes, signs – you pick it and send your photos, with a bit of a back story, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put POTW in the subject line. This time, a very special O Canada edition.

We will even give out prizes as well as making a big album of the photos you send in for our Photo of the Week department. The prizes are limited edition CY boating hats that will be sent to those of you who submit the most intriguing, funny, touching or eye-popping Canada Day photos. Send your shots to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and mark them O Canada in the subject line.

Wave your flag and shoot pics! We will look forward to your CYOB take on this special day.

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POTW: September 12, 2019

I am new to boating. Bought a 2019 Ranger Tug in April followed by taking a short boating course and headed out. Spent from late May to early August in the Canadian Pacific north. 

Cables SecuredOn the Friday before a weekend with a gorgeous forecast, I heard on the news that a boat had exploded at a local marina; the boat’s operator was seriously injured. At the time, I heard that authorities were investigating and were attempting to determine the cause of the explosion and fire.

What would I do if an explosion occurs on a boat that I was working on? What was the cause? How could this happen?



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Beneteau Oceanis 30.1The Oceanis official US debut will be at the upcoming Newport International Boat Show in September and will be featured at the United States Sailboat show in Annapolis in October.

With an overall size under 30 feet and a light displacement of less than 8,805 lbs., the Oceanis is easily trailerable without a wide load permit. If you prefer to access your sailing grounds by canals and rivers, the lifting keel and rotating mast open a world of endless possibilities. Perfect for sailing on lakes or for coastal hopping, this new Oceanis is, nevertheless, a robust category B sailing yacht, fitted for offshore sailing. The smallest of the range offers the biggest choice of programs! 

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Grady White Freedom 235 Dual ConsoleBy Jill Snider

Once again, I had the pleasure of joining CY’s test guru Andy Adams on a boat review. This time, out on Georgian Bay, we put the Grady White Freedom 235 Dual Console to the test. There are so many great things to tell you about this classic beauty.

If I were required to compare Grady White’s Freedom 235 Dual Console to an animal, I would tell you that she has the character of a Labrador Retriever. Here are a few reasons why...

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Coal Harbour MarinaVancouver is ranked one of the most liveable cities in the world. You can explore much of the cityscape by water and moor at several marinas. The city offers the marine visitor a panoply of fine dining, waterside pubs, shopping and cultural amenities.

English Bay and False Creek, one of the choice urban boating destinations in North America, bring you into the heart of the city. Good moorage and anchorages are available and there is lots happening both on the water and all along the shoreline.



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