Steiner Navigator Pro 7x50CWhen you visit the Toronto Boat Show, come to the Canadian Yachting booth (#1741), trial a pair of amazing Steiner 7x50c navigator pro binoculars and enter for a chance to win that set of binoculars, retail value $699! You know you want them.

CY Garmin Act 1With Garmin it is now possible to use both devices without independently operating two devices with different software.

On board many pleasurecraft, only the compass is more neglected and taken for granted than the VHF radio. And that is understandable – wrong but understandable.

Es9 AIS 650A thin breeze skitteredacross the Gulf of Maine, and a low cloud ceiling stamped-outany moonlight, making for a darknight aboard my dad’s J/44, Southern Cross.

CY CwindAs I sit looking out my window at the snow that is slowly piling up it is easy to be downtrodden by the prospect that the winter season is yet to fully hit.

Sea Fox 228When Terry Conrad, of Conrad Marine, offered me ride in a brand-new Sea Fox 288 Commander that he was outfitting I immediately agreed.




Marine BinocularsGalileo made his first telescope in 1609, modelled after telescopes produced in other parts of Europe (primarily Holland) that could magnify objects three times. Later that same year, Galileo created a telescope that could magnify objects twenty times. He did very well after that. Fast forward to 2015 and I am on the hunt for a second pair of binoculars for our boat, as we plan an extended cruise next fall. I say a second pair, because – it seems – Mary’s and my eyes are not aging in the same manner and at the same rate. So when either of us picks up the shared binoculars, we have to re-adjust them for our own use. I read recently that the way to avoid having your binoculars out of focus is to have your own. 


Steiner Navigator ProThe porro prism Navigator Pro Series is the choice for recreational boaters, weekend anglers and hobby sailors. It offers exceptional performance for the price with many of the features found on premium, world-famous Steiner marine binoculars...



Marine Weather AppsWhen any boater is planning to head out onto the water for a two week excursion or even for an hour, the current and upcoming weather conditions are and should be the deciding factor for getting underway. Consider the recent events near Texada Island, BC where a couple was out on their 16 foot open boat for a day of recreational fishing when they were overcome by some bad weather and rough seas and ended up capsizing into the cold April waters of the Pacific Ocean.

GOST The GOST® (Global Ocean Security Technologies) Nav-Tracker line of GPS tracking systems utilitzes the Inmarsat Satellite Constellation for all communication and control, providing complete global coverage everywhere in the world except the extreme poles.

Beneteau Flyer 32By Andy Adams

Summer sun boat! The handsome new Beneteau Flyer 32 is all about entertaining and the bow area is one of the main attractions. It's a wide shape forward with a huge anchor locker and opening centre section in the railing that invites you to beach the boat and go swimming. The bow is really one giant sun bed area with armrests that fold down and head rests too, for fall-asleep comfort. 



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Dufour 460By Katherine Stone

When one does an October yacht review on the Great Lakes you can never be sure of what kind of weather you will get…. and did we ever luck out! A beautiful sunny day with a high of 31 degrees and a perfect 8-10 knot breeze with light chop made for a champagne sailing day. Lucky for me we were at Swans Yacht Sales located in the Whitby Marina on Lake Ontario, trying out the Dufour 460 Grand Large, a flag ship for the midrange Dufour boats. With an overall length of 46’5” and a hull length of 44 ‘, this boat is majestic, not only in size, but also in elegance with timeless and contemporary style. 

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Moorings In BrazilWith an increasing amount of interest in South America as a charter destination, The Moorings has responded with a new base in Paraty, Brazil. Surrounded by towering jungles plummeting into the waters of Baia Carioca, this charter cruising region features bays peppered with islands and world-famous beaches.

Centrally located between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Paraty (pronounced “Para-chee”) holds the key to many natural wonders you can only discover by boat.

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