Apr 23, 2020

PCYC AerialIt started simply enough with an email from Thomas Fogh, Program Manager of Learn to Sail at Port Credit Yacht Club. Would I do a webinar/ZOOM on the racing rules for the Junior Race Team and the general membership? That email turned into several more, and I found myself signed up to host three webinars, along with many other volunteers, both members of the club and outside experts on a variety of interesting topics.

The series started last night (which runs twice a week until the end of June) with an inspirational talk from Dave and Kady Collier about the PCYC cruises in 2019 and 2020 and ended with guest speaker Steven Parry from Poseidon Charters about Exotic Destinations. Through a series of incredibly beautiful pictures he led us on a virtual flotilla of the Greek Islands, French Polynesia and Croatia. The wonderful “lecture” lasted only an hour and had 58 attendees who were so enthusiastic that the questions posed to Steven almost outnumbered the attendees! For more information www.poseidoncharters.com

Other clubs might want to get a jump on this and to get you started here are some ideas:

-Sailing and cruising the world – tips, tales and provisioning
-Racing rules, strategies and rig tuning
-Boat maintenance and docking
-Marine heritage and sailing stories

-Kate Nicoll

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