July 25, 2019

Stern Tie at Melanie CoveYou can help the BC Marine Parks Forever Society expand and enhance our BC Marine Park system. You preserve the whole environment when you create new BC parks.

The Society’s mandate is to help the Province of British Columbia create new marine parks and enhance existing parks. The parks are for everyone, including beachcombers, kayakers on up to larger pleasure boaters. We have one of the finest marine recreational areas in the world.

B.C. Marine Parks Forever Society’s funding comes from the members of the Council of B.C. Yacht Clubs, financial support in partnership with other associations, B.C. government agencies, special bequests and from people like you. Private memorial, cash donations or property donations are all welcomed as a wonderful lasting legacy.

The Stern Tie Program was launched with the first shore-tie pins, chain plaque installed in Melanie Cove on July 10, 2015. Park Ranger Ian Curtis, Area Supervisor Rod Dalziel and Section Head Wayne Anderson (BC Parks staff) assisted by George Creek, president of BC Marine Parks forever Society and the installation.