Aug 8, 2019

The Barnet Sailing CooperativeThe Barnet Sailing Cooperative makes sailing affordable and accessible to Vancouver boaters. With the high cost of owning and maintaining a sailboat the Barnet Sailing Cooperative has developed a model that others may want to consider.

The Barnet Sailing Cooperative is a non-profit organization founded in 1987 by a group of people interested in the sport of sailing and the cooperative ownership of boats for the purpose of training, day sailing and cruising. Each member pays an annual fee and must also contribute time towards maintenance, administration and social events.

The cost of maintenance, insurance, moorage, etc. are covered by the fees. They limit their membership the 75 sailing memberships. In addition, if you do not wish to sail or if our sailing permits have all been allotted, applicants may apply to be placed on a waiting list for priority for future sailing permits. While on the waiting list, the applicants may attend social functions and meetings.

RaftHave you dreamed about sailing away into the sunset? Have you longed to explore exotic places or perhaps our beautiful British Columbia coastline? Unfortunately for most of us it is only a dream. The cost of owning a boat is extensive. The cost of buying the boat, equipping it, moorage, insurance and, of course, maintenance. A co-op is also the way to explore sailing and see if you really love it as much as you think.

The Co-op was founded on the principle of Affordable Sailing, offering members a way to share costs and new sailors a chance to see if sailing is really for them without a huge up-front investment.

Each member pays an annual fee and must also contribute time towards maintenance, administration and social events.

OnboardFor qualified members with sailing permits, it offers day sailing, short to midterm overnight sailing, and a long-term (seven day) booking during the summer sailing season.  Additionally, it offer Sunday Sails and Club Cruises throughout the year to sail with your fellow members.

With a sound fleet and healthy, responsible, debt-free finances for many years, the Co-op is again engaging in Long Term Planning to see where the winds of their membership will take them next.

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Pursuit DC 235A Great Boat for Canada and Mom Approved Too!

By Jill Snider and Andy Adams

Coming from two different directions, Jill Snider and I met up at Crates Lake Country Boats in Orillia, Ontario to run and review a new Pursuit DC 235, a deep vee dual console boat that is an offshore inspired bow rider with strong fishing overtones and a wide range of family features.

It’s what I would call a handsome, classically styled boat that I suspect will still look fresh many years into the future. Jill had a different take on it.


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Moorings In BrazilWith an increasing amount of interest in South America as a charter destination, The Moorings has responded with a new base in Paraty, Brazil. Surrounded by towering jungles plummeting into the waters of Baia Carioca, this charter cruising region features bays peppered with islands and world-famous beaches.

Centrally located between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Paraty (pronounced “Para-chee”) holds the key to many natural wonders you can only discover by boat.

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