July 12, 2019
Checking The Start LineAll Photos by Dave Brede

Held at Orcas Island Yacht Club on June 29 and 30, the 2019 M242 North American Championship had its biggest turnout at 27 boats since 2012, and Mike George with is team of Alan Field, Jennifer Hylander, and Jennifer Arrington, all from Los Angeles, won it for the 4th time. Michael Clements and his team of Justin Hall, Micah van der Heide, and Michael Jarrott ended up 2nd overall (they had previously won the event 3 times). Alex Fox, 2-time winner, was 3rd, along with his team of Heidi Leckenby, Lou Hamel, and Karl Forsberg. Going into the 9th race, Mike George and Michael Clements were tied on a drop race basis, but Mike managed to escape from a terrible start in the 9th race and lined out to the right side of the course for a win, and that put the end to Clements' aspirations when he followed up with a 5th in the final race.

Start M242 NAs Dave BredeMany boats had rock stars on board which made for a truly tough event. Marri Todd of Royal Victoria Yacht Club was the top woman at the event in 4th place, ably assisted by Jeff Eckhart as tactician, followed closely by Betsy Wareham of Orcas Island Yacht Club. Michael Bond of Melges 24 fame could be found on Anthony Collett's boat, where they finished in 10th overall. Ken Holland and team made a return to 242's in Blackadder Goes Forth, after a 2-year stint in the Melges Class.

A Perfect Spinnaker RunWest Sound on Orcas Island was a terrific venue with 2-12 knot shifty breezes 90% out of the north, and the Orcas Island Yacht Club put on a fantastic Class A Regatta.

Congratulations to Ken Machtley, Chris White, and the organizing crew for raising the bar on hosting the North Americans in the Pacific Northwest. It's hard to beat good food, music, venue, and weather, along with meeting up again with good friends to make a truly enjoyable event. As one participant said, "West Sound is certainly on the map for many more 242ers from now on!"

The Race Committee under Paul Ulibarri, PRO, did an excellent job getting off 5 races each day for a total of 10. He was ably assisted by his wife Vicki, plus ex-242 racers Alex and Sue Foley and Dave and Lynn Sutherland, among many OIYC volunteers. Don Martin, the Designer and original Builder for the Class, was also in attendance, handling the Protest Committee aspect, accompanied by his wife Annabelle.

Next year's NA's, the 40th Edition, is scheduled to be at California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey, after which the event rotates back to Vancouver.

Here’s a link to the M242 Regional Racing Calendar (accessible via www.m242fleetone.org)
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Beneteau Flyer 32By Andy Adams

Summer sun boat! The handsome new Beneteau Flyer 32 is all about entertaining and the bow area is one of the main attractions. It's a wide shape forward with a huge anchor locker and opening centre section in the railing that invites you to beach the boat and go swimming. The bow is really one giant sun bed area with armrests that fold down and head rests too, for fall-asleep comfort. 



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Dufour 460By Katherine Stone

When one does an October yacht review on the Great Lakes you can never be sure of what kind of weather you will get…. and did we ever luck out! A beautiful sunny day with a high of 31 degrees and a perfect 8-10 knot breeze with light chop made for a champagne sailing day. Lucky for me we were at Swans Yacht Sales located in the Whitby Marina on Lake Ontario, trying out the Dufour 460 Grand Large, a flag ship for the midrange Dufour boats. With an overall length of 46’5” and a hull length of 44 ‘, this boat is majestic, not only in size, but also in elegance with timeless and contemporary style. 

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Moorings In BrazilWith an increasing amount of interest in South America as a charter destination, The Moorings has responded with a new base in Paraty, Brazil. Surrounded by towering jungles plummeting into the waters of Baia Carioca, this charter cruising region features bays peppered with islands and world-famous beaches.

Centrally located between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Paraty (pronounced “Para-chee”) holds the key to many natural wonders you can only discover by boat.

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