Sept 13, 2018

People Looking at BoatsEven though there are some good boat shows at home, every October finds a contingent of Canadians making the pilgrimage to the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis. There are some pretty good reasons since the Annapolis show has a large number of boats that you will not see at home: dreamboat cruisers, offshore catamarans that really don’t make their way to Canada, and many others.

But beyond drooling over or even purchasing a winter boat, visitors to this autumn show can get a fairly complete look at what is available for charter by visiting the show’s unique Vacation Basin. This is an encyclopedic guide to the Caribbean, but for many of us who have charter yearnings for Europe or beyond, the Basin is a close-ish to home one-stop opportunity.

This is the only boat show that you can you browse exotic locations and destination resorts, speak with tourism boards, explore fractional ownership, take advantage of boat show discounts, and explore adventure travel.

For example, Vacation Basin is the place to speak with travel specialists from Greece and Croatia who offer sailing adventures in the Adriatic and Aegean seas. In addition there are dozens of charter companies serving the Caribbean and exhibitors closer to home with sailing vacations on the Chesapeake Bay, near to Annapolis.

Fall Boat Show
Charter companies come to Annapolis from far and wide to share their expertise at the U.S. Sailboat Show. Internet research may be a good beginning, but at the show attendees may ask questions face-to-face. And with so many companies represented in one spot, there’s no better place to shop and compare.

Bavaria30 Vacation Basin Exhibitors
Abaco Yacht Charters
Alboran Charter S.L.
Anacortes Yacht Charters
Bay Sail
Bitter End Yacht Club
Conch Charter, Ltd.
Cruise Abaco
Cruise Annapolis
CYOA Yacht Charters
Dream Yacht Charter
Ed Hamilton & Co.
Horizon Yacht Charters
Kiriacoulis Mediterranean
Mahalo Sailing
MedCaribbean Charter Ltd.
MMK Systems, LLC.
Bali 4.5NSS & Spartivento Charter
Sail Away Catamarans
Sail Caribe
Sail Grenadines
Sailing CBI, Inc.
Sailing Florida
SouthEast Sailing & Yachts, Inc.
St. Vincent & the Grenadines
TMM Yacht Charters
Trade Winds Yacht Ownership
Virgin Island Yacht Charters
World Cruising Club 
Mediterranean Corner
Croatia Yachting – Croatia
Meridijan – Croatia
Adriatic Sailing – Croatia
More Boats – Croatia
Pitter Yachtcharter – Croatia
The Yachting Club – Croatia
Crystal Sea Yachting – Greece
Thrace Yachting – Greece 

Boat Show Special
Sail Grenadines

Contact: Katie Bingham, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (855) 533-5035

Sail Grenadines is operating bareboat, skippered and crewed yachts and catamarans in the Grenadines with new yachts and catamarans added for 2019. 

Discounted 10% off all charters of any duration at the Annapolis Boat Show.


“The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are an ideal destination for someone chartering for the first time,” says Ian Pedersen, marketing manager for The Moorings Yacht Charters.
“Often first-time charterers are surprised how easy it is to navigate and handle our yachts, especially the large catamarans,” says Pedersen, “but I find maneuvering our catamarans to be much easier than any 20-foot runabout back home.

Referrals from friends and family are not uncommon, according to Sarah Ferguson, marketing coordinator for Festiva Sailing Vacations. “We are a relatively small, boutique-style company,” says Ferguson. “Our niche is offering all-inclusive trips on company-owned boats in the Caribbean and Greece. Our smaller size allows us to customize their trips and provide a personal touch. All of our boats are new, Lagoon catamarans staffed by professional captains and chefs.”