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Don’t Bug Me!

I’m on vacation! Things can turn ugly in paradise when you finally reach that secluded anchorage. You set the hook and kill the engines, but the buzzing sound continues...you are not alone! Black flies, mosquitoes, wasps and of course, the little army of invisible spiders that you accidentally brought with you, all emerge in the stillness, buzzing around looking for something, or someone to munch on. Hopefully, you packed the AfterBite, lotions, antiseptic, cotton balls, antihistamine for those with allergies, BandAids and other first aid items, but the best route is to protect yourself from being bitten in the first place.

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Great Resources for How to Weather the Weather

I've been a pilot for 37 years and spent 28 years flying passenger aircraft for the airlines – you can bet that the weather was always one of my foremost concerns. I've retired from the airlines, but my interest in the weather, in forecasting weather and in all of the available resources to help me plan a safe journey, are just as important as ever. It’s still a matter of my personal safety, the safety of my loved ones and my friends, except now, I’m at the helm of my own boat.

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Support The Call For 12 New Marine Protected Areas By 2012

altI think it’s a given that as a Canadian Yachting reader, you are passionate about Canada’s waters and protecting them from pollution and wildlife threats. Recently, an article in the Globe & Mail presented a way to easily demonstrate our commitment to the waters we love so much.

Back in June, tied to ‘Oceans Day 2011’, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society challenged the federal government to establish 12 new marine protected areas by the end of 2012.

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Go Green While Getting A Six Pack!

altThere's been lots of talk about electric boats recently, but few examples are actually out on the market. So far, the battery technology for large-scale applications seems to us to be a significant environmental consideration. I suspect that the carbon footprint of a big lithium-ion battery bank might totally negate the energy savings of the electric engine.

Then, on September 28th 2011, a company called BionX introduced its own electric boat. There is some very interesting thinking behind it, but the size and scale is in the dinghy range, not the cruiser range.

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Emerging Risks – Boating and the Environment

altRSA Insurance and the World Wildlife Fund report on emerging risks as a result of environmental change. The disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico has made abundantly clear the increasing environmental risks to our shoreline. While, as recreational boaters we are directly effected by these risks, the issues are wide ranging, extremely complicated and of importance to everyone no matter where they live, since we will all be affected. Offshore drilling is just one challenge that will have to be faced along with increased shipping and aquaculture, and of course rising sea levels.

On June 8, World Oceans Day, RSA Insurance in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released a global report on the marine risks that are emerging as a result of environmental change.

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